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Walker - Dragoon
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Manufactured from a proprietary stainless steel, heat-treated and dry-honed to provide improved operational efficiency and an extended shooting life. The interior plenum is designed to provide a more effective, hotter, spark pattern unequaled in previous nipple designs. The unique vent ports divert the blow back gasses which results in the fired cap either splitting completely and exiting from the cylinder on the next cycle, or remaining on the nipple. Either effect greatly reduces the chance for any “jam-up” caused by those pesky lost caps. The vent port also diverts and reduces the blow back effect or back pressure on the hammer which can be translated into requiring less hammer/main spring pressure to keep caps on during firing. Unfortunately these Do NOT work with the Uberti 1862 and 1849 5 shot models. For use with #10 Remington caps. 
Part #SLXSTU Most Uberti produced C&B with 12-28 x .200”threads
Part #SLXSTP Most Pietta produced C&B with 6m x .75m x .200”threads
Part #SLXSTR Most Ruger Old Army models with long 12-28 x .250”thread

Part #SLXSTW - Walker and Dragoon models with 1/4"-28 x .215" threads
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