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This is NOT loaded ammunition - only the bullet (the projectile).
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Our friends, soon to by yours!

Be sure to support these fine establishments that cater to Cowboy Action Shooting!

Black Powder SPG - Black powder reloading and shooting supplies.

Blanche's Place - lots of victorian stuff!

Bronco Sue's Custom Hats -- great hats (tuneful site!)

Cowboy Action Shooting - lots of info here!

Crossroads Mercantile
- Victorian elegance & custom sewing

Goldvein Photography - the best pictures around!

Gunfighter 928 - quality custom inlaid grips and holsters

Hunting and Fishing - lots of info here.

Idaho Knife Works - great knives from a great couple of folks!

Johnny Thundersticks - "The cowboy gun connection"

Lady Diane Hats - wonderful hats!

Lightening Rifle - historic replicas of the Lightning Rifle

Lindholm Brothers Spurs -- best Bronze spurs around!

- 19th Century styled clothing for Women!

Sagebrush Old West - Fine old west clothing and great people!

SASS Decals - get your own today!

Shady Creek Shootists - Charity shoot to benefit St. Jude's Childrens Hospital

Single Action Shooting Society - wonderful family oriented fun and lots of shooting!

StarLine Brass -- Best brass around! They pride themselves on the highest quality brass available.

ST Machining, LLC - custom awards and personalized cowboy silhouette conchos

Thompson Bullet Lube Company -- for all your lube and black powder patch needs! Pinto Annie highly recommends their pre-lubed felt patches for use in black powder loads!

Truly Victorian - Victorian patterns that work!

United States Firearms Manufacturing Co - leading New England firearms manufacturer of specialty historic guns including single action army.

Wes Terner's Outfitter - Accessories for the Cowboy Action Shooter!

Wild West Merchantile - Great selection of Old West clothing and accessories.
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2. 45 cal, 170 grain 45 cal, 170 grain
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3. .38-40 cal, 180 grain .38-40 cal, 180 grain
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STM Lever Lock Replacement STM Lever Lock Replacement
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Case Checker Block
Loading Block
PLEASE NOTE: When ordering "As Cast" there may be a 1-2 week delay in processing because we don't always have these immediately on hand. We will ship just as soon as possible on these orders.